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f you've got blonde hair, whether you were born with it or you bought it, you know that sometimes, those golden tresses can get a little dull and brassy, and it doesn't seem like there's much you can do to prevent it! Chemicals and toxins from the environment, our tap water, and even the products we use to style our hair can build up in our strands, leaving our hair looking less than amazing.


Many purple shampoos and conditioners are coloured with synthetic dyes - often made with harsh chemicals we wouldn't want anywhere near your body, let alone slathered all over your head. So, what do we do? We create one. So, how'd we make it purple? We know they weren't going to resort to chemical dyes, right? We just had to do a little digging to find the perfect, natural piece of the puzzle, and they found it in the form of Mica! This brightly coloured powder is a safe, natural alternative to chemical dyes, and I absolutely love the way it tones my blonde!


Beauty From Bees new CALM Purple Shampoo & Conditioners are made in partnership with Angela Price. Angela is a mother, a wife, and entrepreneur, and (possibly most importantly, here) a blonde! It's made with only the natural ingredients you know and love in all Beauty From Bees products, so you know it's going to leave your hair soft, smooth, and healthy as can be.

Beauty From Bees CALM purple shampoo & conditioner duo

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